Industry-Specific Solutions

Armed with accurate and reliable data, our team of product managers and industry specialists went to work to develop products based on customer needs. By engaging with our clients and finding out what problems we can solve for them before designing the product, we can produce industry-specific decision support solutions. Our clients make more confident decisions because we deliver relevant data, to the user, on time using the most effective medium.


WeatherWatch is a decision support solution that allows clients to make informed business decisions when confronted with adverse weather conditions. WeatherWatch delivers you the Weather-as-a-service (WaaS) in an innovative method that will enable you access to MeteoWeather’s unique hyper-local weather data for all your locations through a centrally hosted software that is licensed on a subscription basis. SkyWatch, LandWatch, and SeaWatch are solutions that deliver industry- specific actional insights to your business. We have years of experience in how weather impacts your industry.

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Weather Reports

MeteoWeather is the leading provider of marine weather reports. Our site-specific maritime reports and route forecasts are sent daily to our clients. It’s the perfect tool for sea and ocean passage route management. The report data are derived from accurate and localized high-resolution weather forecasts and allow route optimization to minimize the risk of damage to vessel and cargo and maximize fuel efficiency.

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Weather Data API

The MeteoWeather API helps you to easily connect with our comprehensive database of weather forecasts and historical weather information. MeteoWeather API is reliable and flexible, making it easy for your technical team to build solutions around it.

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MeteoWeather provides the World with a comprehensive set of weather information and graphic tools. The set includes realistic and compelling 3D animations, showing weather for today and tomorrow to attract and engage viewers. The hyper-local and highly accurate forecasts keep your audience coming back. If your staff meteorologists need flexible tools to produce great visuals, or you are looking for a turnkey, automated solution, MeteoWeather has the solution for you.

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